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The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. — Psalm 24:1


We are committed to caring for Earth and encourage other churches and individuals to join us in being better stewards. Here's what we do as an Earth Care Congregation:
  • Deepen our connection with Creation through outdoor nature programs and worship services.
  • Devote worship hymns, prayers, readings and sermons to earth care.
  • Use only reusable cups, plates, bowls, and flatware, not disposable plastic.
  • Recycle glass, aluminum, plastic and paper.
  • Utilize high-efficiency LED lighting and AC units.
  • Purchase certified sustainably-sourced paper products.
  • Use diluted industrial strength vinegar in place of commercial herbicide.
  • Educate about native plants to support wildlife, rainforest preservation, home energy conservation, eating to reduce your carbon footprint, and more.
  • Maintain a butterfly garden.
  • Share our facilities with non-profits and small businesses, because underutilized buildings waste energy.
  • Have a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI 24) roof to reduce the energy needed for cooling.

There’s more to do…and now is the time to act!