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United Presbyterian Church is guided by the following teams. Contact those listed below to learn more, share information, make a suggestion, or volunteer.
Members are Billy Burke, Gail Dickerson, Woody Johnson and these area leaders:
  • Christian Education: Marilynn Gillette
  • Fellowship: Jan Jarrell
  • Worship and Music: Nancy Shimandle
Outreach and Missions
Members are Joan Carlson, Patty Dawson, Joyce James, Burt Tupper and these area leaders:
  • Education and Literacy: Donna Lesch
  • Food Security: Myrna Felix
  • Older Adult Ministry: Gregg Pead
  • General Outreach: Andrea Harmon (Chair)
  • Earth Care Events: Liz Brackmann
  • Administration and Personnel: Roy Williams
  • Property Management: Ron Dickerson
  • Facility Maintenance: John Progar
  • Finance: Gregg Pead; team members are Janet DeGroff, Marilynn Gillette, Mary Jane Handlin, Vicki Schooley, and Roy Williams
  • Information Technology: Liz Brackmann
  • Betty Bashaw, Janet DeGroth, Debbie Grubb, Myrna Felix, Joyce James, Sally Margriether, Amy Pedon, Millicent Riley, Vicki Schooley, Jeannie Scott, Lynne Smith, and Beth Stone