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Manatee County Conditions

New Cases. On January 24, the 7-day average of daily new cases was 183. You may view graphs of daily new cases and 7-day-average new cases in Manatee County and the State of Florida HERE. These graphs are current through yesterday.

Positivity. The latest 7-day-average percent of tests that were positive, reported by the Florida Department of Health for the week ending Sunday, January 17, was 9.0%. World Health Organization recommends positivity be below 5%.

A graph of recent 7-day-average positivity may be viewed HERE. Select 'Florida Testing' at the bottom, and on the new screen, enter 'Manatee' in the upper right.


Safety Practices

Our safety practices are described in a 2-page flyer, Worship Safety Practices. Before attending an in-person service, or a class on campus, please review the COVID-19 Questionnaire.

During the service, we open doors to the outside to promote fresh air exchange. Attendance is taken so that worshippers can be notified in the event one reports to the pastor that they have been exposed to, diagnosed with, or tested positive to COVID-19. Communion is served in individual sealed packages that are pre-placed in the designated seating areas.

Links to Online Worship are provided through this website and email messages sent to Palma Sola and Westminster church members. Further safety practice details may be found in the four-page Worship Safety Plan approved by the PSPC Session on June 16, 2020.

How to Get Vaccinated

If you are 65 or older, sign up for Manatee County's COVID-19 Vaccination Standby Pool at or by calling 311 on weekdays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. When vaccine doses become available, names from this pool are randomly selected to receive the vaccine, and these individuals receive calls to set up appointment times.

Bring the following to your appointment: 1) your email receipt, or unique number received from the 311 Call Center, 2) a Department of Health Consent Form, and 3) a valid ID showing age 65 or older. The 311 call center staff can assist with the consent form. If unable to print your consent form, it will be provided at your appointment. Insurance info is not needed on the form.

On January 18, 16,421 people had received their first shot (about 16% of those 65 or over), and 464 had received their second shot.