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Sunday 10 A Worship Service
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Worship Service

10am Worship Service
Pastor Rev. Indy C. Dennis


This Spring, Pastor Indy is preaching on the Gospel of Mathew, which gives us the majority of Jesus’s ethical teachings including Sermon on the Mount, and a multi-faceted portrait of Jesus. 

We enjoy and make music in a variety of styles together with our music director, choir, pianist, Praise Band, and guest musicians. The Lord’s Supper is served on the first Sunday of the month. Coffee and goodies are served every Sunday before and after worship in the Narthex (Sanctuary Lobby). Visitor and Handicap parking spaces are available.


As a Christian family, we continually seek to be "Renewed by Christ's Spirit" as we gather for weekly and special worship services with song, prayer, Word and sacrament; share God's love through fellowship on Sunday mornings; and allow God to strengthen and transform us through preaching, teaching, and study of the Bible.

This spiritual renewal then sets us free and empowers us to be "Released for Christ's Service" as we are sent out each week to BE THE CHURCH, the hands and feet, heart and voice, eyes and ears of Jesus in our homes, workplaces, community, nation and world!