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Sunday 10 am Worship Service
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Who We Are

We are...
a joyful, active, accepting, and caring Christian community whose members come from all over the country, and include people from different Christian denominations or no prior church affiliation at all. We are people encouraging each other in spiritual growth, building supportive friendships, and striving to bless our local community and the world by serving others.
We are Presbyterian, which means our church is led by a group of female and male lay, elected elders, or "presbyters" from the Greek word for "elder" in the New Testament. This form of church government provided a model for the creation of America's representational government. Along with Christians of all denominations, we adhere to Christ's great commandment to "love they neighbor as thyself" and his great commission to spread his teaching to all nations of the world.
Our relationships and partnerships are grounded in the core values of Christ-Centeredness, Love, Faithfulness, Acceptance, and Service.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to invite all into loving relationship with God through 
  • experiencing God's presence in inspiring worship,
  • thoughtfully interpreting Scripture for today,
  • deepening congregational fellowship,
  • partnering with our community and beyond, and 
  • using our gifts in generous outreach to
    • feed the hungry
    • support education and literacy, and
    • provide connection and support for older adults.